About Us

Blue Willow Bookkeeping is a company that cares about doing business right. We recognize and respect that a clients’ information is confidential. While providing solutions for every bookkeeping and payroll need we remain committed to accuracy, reliability, efficiency and providing excellent customer service.

We respect the heart and soul of the small business.  While each client has needs particular to their industry, everyone needs a bookkeeper they can trust and depend on.

Although BWB comes from humble beginnings we grew out of generations of small business owners and have a deep history growing up in home offices, stretching back to the hand ledger days when a pencil and piece of paper was all that was available to the family bookkeeper to make the necessary financial records.

An important asset implemented since first opening Blue Willow Bookkeeping is networking with other professionals to assure that our methods and procedures are up to date and accurate. In working with Certified Accountants, State Agencies, and professional periodicals, we have developed a wide range of excellent resources for the most current information. As a result, we can often answer those difficult questions that can arise with a particular financial situation or tax form. Developing these types of resources keeps both our accuracy and efficiency sharp, as well as keeping us on top of business. Ours and yours.

Although bookkeeping can seem complicated and overwhelming to many business owners, it is our goal to demonstrate the principals and processes in a way that can be easily understood and to offer our services at a valuable rate. We understand that some services, such as payroll and federal paperwork, can be very involved and include a number of challenging requirements. This is where working with a professional bookkeeping service provider smooths out the process and alleviates the stress.

Blue Willow Bookkeeping has been a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) since March 2004 and became a Professional Certified Bookkeeper in December 2005.

I look forward to discussing with you what we can do to make your life easier and help your business run smoother.