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Payroll Audits

Physical Payroll Audits performed by a Workmans’ Compensation Insurance provider can be time consuming and, at times, disconcerting. A little known benefit of our Basic Payroll Service is that we personally handle your payroll audit at OUR office – the employer doesn’t even have to be present. The best part? We offer this service FREE OF CHARGE!

Premier Payroll Service

Blue Willow Bookkeeping can address your Payroll Questions:

  • Am I getting the best value for my dollar?
  • Will the service be worry free?
  • Will the service provider be easy to contact and retrieve information from?

With Blue Willow Bookeeping, pricing is competitive and less than most out-of-area payroll service providers. We have over 17 Years of experience providing payroll services in Oregon. We're easy to reach and quick to respond to all messages, voicemails, emails and faxes. Not only are reports and information requests transmitted quickly – we personally handle your payroll audits for you, a service we DO NOT CHARGE for but include at every payroll service level.  Would you like to know more?